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5 Best Montana Road Trips – The Ultimate Guide

by Andy Vanr
Montana countryside

One of the best ways to experience Montana is on a road trip. Enjoy history and the great outdoors. You always feel welcome in the friendly towns and even big cities feel like small towns.

In this Ultimate Guide, we highlight 5 road trips showcasing the best Montana has to offer!

5 Best Road Trips in Montana

  1. Billings
  2. Great Falls
  3. Glacier National Park
  4. Western Montana
  5. Montana Ghost Towns

Montana Road Trips Map

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Billings Montana is a great base for both the outdoor enthusiast and the history buff. Hike the Rimrocks surrounding Billings. Take a drive through the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains. The area has many historic places where you can learn about the old west over thousands of years. See ancient cave writing at Pictograph Cave State Park, the battlefield of Custer’s Last Stand and lots more. It’s all within 100 miles of Billings!

Yellowstone River Valley and East Rimrocks at Billings
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Great Falls – A Weekend Visit

Great Falls is the perfect place to spend a weekend exploring the famous waterfalls along the Missouri River.  There are 4 waterfalls and 5 hydroelectric dams. Cycle or hike all or part of the +50-mile long River’s Edge Trail which links the waterfalls, dams and many city sights. The Lewis and Clark Historic Trail Interpretive Center is a great place to spend a couple hours learning about the expedition and the importance of Great Falls. Be sure to visit the First People’s Buffalo Jump, located just outside of town.

Black Eagle Falls and Dam at Great Falls Montana
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Glacier National Park

An amazing place to visit, Glacier National Park should be on every nature lover’s bucket list. The park showcases the best of the Rocky Mountains. See rugged mountain peaks with alpine meadows and cold streams of glacier meltwater running into beautiful clear lakes. Drive the historic Going-to-the-Sun Road or get out of the car and take a hike. In our article below, you’ll find hikes of all lengths and difficulties so that everyone can get closer to this phenomenal place. Take a week and enjoy this jewel!

St Mary Lake Glacier NP AvrexTravel Feature
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Western Montana – The Ultimate 7-day Road Trip

Explore Western Montana from Whitefish and Flathead Lake in the north to Earthquake Lake and West Yellowstone in the south. There are beautiful towns of all sizes and maybe even some ghost towns. All offer friendly Western Montana hospitality. The National Bison Range and Missouri Headwaters State Park are just two of the places you can visit and learn about history as well as enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Western Montana.

Flathead River Valley Western Montana Road Trip
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Montana’s 7 Best Ghost Towns

Tour seven diverse Montana Ghost Towns and enjoy a beautiful drive through the mountains. These towns were alive in the late 19th and early 20th century as mines were opened throughout the Montana mountains. Unfortunately when the ore was gone or the cost was too high to continue mining, the towns often closed up when the mines did. You’ll see some of the best preserved towns in Bannack and Garnet and towns that are truly ghosts of themselves such as Coloma and Coolidge. No matter which towns you visit you’ll gain a new appreciation for frontier Montana!

Ore carts displayed beside street
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Bannack Ghost Town

Of the 7 ghost towns we visited, Bannack was our favorite site. Check out our article Bannack Ghost Town as we take a closer look at the history and buildings of this ghost town preserved within a State Park.

Hotel Meade and Skinner Saloon
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